Frequently Asked Solicitation Questions

ATI will conduct a compliance screen within one day of the due date, and provide a short window of time to correct any non-compliance issues. The government will then perform technical evaluations, and submission feedback will be released within BIDS. If selected for award, you will work with the government technical team to finalize your SOW.  Once finalized, ATI will issue a request for a cost proposal.

No. The DIBC OTA is not a grant and no grants will be awarded under the OTA. All awards will either be expenditure based or fixed price.

All information regarding the anticipated level of funding is provided within the Problem Statement for a specific solicitation.  In some cases, funding information is not provided within the Problem Statement and will not be made available.

If the Problem Statement contains multiple requirements/objectives, and an organization feels that it can offer solutions to meet more than one requirement/objective, then multiple submissions are acceptable as long as the submissions are not in response to the same requirement/objective.

Feedback on all submissions will be provided in BIDS. Please use this link: Login using the credentials you established when you created your BIDS account. Only the person who submitted the proposal in BIDS will have access to the feedback. Once on the DIBC Home page, select “My RPP/RWP Submissions” on left side of the screen. Then select the submission of interest. Look for “Full Proposal Feedback” near the top of the page in the “Links” section.